Handicare Stairlifts B.V.

Konstantin Petkovski supported Handicare Stairlifts B.V. in the period of transition of our Quality System toward compliance with the 21 CFR Part 820 requirements for Class II Medical devices. From the very beginning he was one of the driving forces behind the redesign of the quality management system which has been resulted in approved FDA compliance.

Konstantin is a motivated and dedicated professional with systematic approach. His use of tools is logical, meaningful and effective.

As a part of the project he developed and executed a company-wide training program.

Konstantin takes initiative and he has showed to be able to successfully operate in all levels of the organization.

We are thankful for his contribution!

Jan Hopman
Managing Director
Handicare Stairlifts B.V.

January 2020


Mr. Konstantin Petkovski has been working for the Business Excellence & Quality department of Philips Innovation Services during the second half of 2017. Due to absence of two of our regular quality managers and the upcoming re-certification for ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the department was in urgent need of immediate support. Mr. Petkovski, with his broad experiences and insights in the various quality and regulatory systems, was able to step in as full team member from day one. Operational issues were taken over without any significant loss of time. Connection with the operational divisions was quickly established and Mr. Petkovski was well integrated in the team within a short time frame. Passing of the various audits and the further deployment of new processes in the organization would not have been possible without the great contribution of Mr. Konstantin Petkovski.

Next to being a valuable team member, he has a broad knowledge in Quality and Regulatory and is able to make a practical translation into the day-to-day operations of a business.

Thanks for the very good contribution.

Ruud van Vessem
VP Philips Innovation Services

Eindhoven, 12 December 2017


Konstantin has been working as Quality Officer for the past 4 months at Reference Standard Management Group of the BU API of MSD in Oss. Konstantin has, using the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, applied the Lean vision on the processes and, together with the employees and myself as the manager, set the foundation for more customer/results way of working instead of task oriented working. This was accomplished throgh his passionate drive to challenge people, as the most important factor of the process. He challenged everyone to take his / her responsibility and to speak, brainstom and cooperate in an open atmosphere.

In this relatively short period, major steps were taken in the change process toward process-oriented working as changing the mindset of the employees as well. As I have learned Konstantin, he is very wise, driven, creative, responsible and an inspiring and pleasant man to work with.

Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Lion van Vianen
Operational Coach

29 Juli 2013

MSD Lean

Lean management project at Pharma customer.


Konstantin Petkovski is a QA manager who posses expertise in a wide range of QA methodologies and is able to succesfuly implement them. Through his perseverance he learned the quality discipline at different levels in organizations. He is positive, calm and willing to roll up his sleeves. The experience on QA level that he brings can be very valuable for organizations. He gave the first impetus to a broad quality program within FC Leeuwarden. Konstantin has conducted a study into the underlying root cause of not having the current quality system up to standard. This has led to a conclusion that the organization firstly need to assure a broad employee commitment -through vision and engagement- before it can start to work on the content of the Q program. This is now also performed as such.

Konstantin has also set up a process to increase the efficiency of the quality system by integrating the requirements from various standards into a single entity.

RRJ. Herfkens
Manager SHEQA-FM FrieslandCampina

5 April 2013


Konstantin worked for me in 2010/2011, the time I was General Manager / CEO at RPC Bebo NL. Konstantin was the driving force behind the restructuring of the quality management system for the site in Beuningen, after the plant in Goor was closed. Since the plant in Goor was headquarter of RPC Nederland BV, a quite lot of work had to be done. Nevertheless, Konstantin went ahead and get the work done. He get the entire management team to the point to look again critically on all business processes and examine the possibilities to improve and simplify them. He prepared the entire quality system for a complete re-certification of BRC IoP and ISO 9001:2008 standards which has been now successfully executed. Konstantin is a driven person with great professional knowledge. I would highly recommend him.

Ing. Jan Lemmens
General Manager


Konstantin is mature and well-rounded quality assurance professional. During his employment in Weert, where he acted as quality and process improvement engineer, he was able to use his knowledge and experiences to improve critical manufacturing processes, reduce the cost of non quality and deliver financial results. He did this by engaging operators and required stakeholders until the required result was achieved. He was appreciated by all colleagues for his professionalism, hands on attitude and personal involvement. Konstantin is an asset for any organization which is challenged to bring its quality system to the level required to satisfy the customer needs.

Kiril Penev
Chief Marketing Officer, Philips Lighting Systems and Controls

17 March 2013

Stork Electronics

In the year 2003 I have worked with Konstantin Petkovski on the definition of a Total Quality Management Program for Stork Electronics, a high-tech electronics company operating in a highly competitive environment.

During this period of close cooperation Konstantin Petkovski has shown to be a professional quality expert determined to achieve top-level results. He is a strong driver, and has extensive knowledge on quality programs (EFQM, QFD, FMEA, 6-Sigma, SPC, TQM,...). On these quality tools I judge Konstantin to have the “Black Belt” level, indicating in-depth knowledge on the programs as well as processes needed for implementation.

In his communication Konstantin is transparent and open. He frequently soundboards new ideas and has proven to me to have a good overall view of what needs to be done to bring an organisation to a next level of performance.

Ir. H.R. Claessen
General Manager
Stork Electronics & Stork Industrial Modules

Viasystems Mommers, Stork Electronics

I first worked closely with Konstantin Petkovski at Viasystems Mommers in 1999. We jointly worked on implementing SPC and the SPC software in the drilling department. In 2002 our co-operation was extended during the introduction of SPC at Stork Electronics.

During this period I have appreciated Konstantin Petkovski as a very motivated driving force in the continuous improvement efforts. He has the ability to motivate people from all levels in the organisation, raising their enthusiasm to work together for the achievement of continuous improvement goals. Konstantin has proven that he has leadership capabilities and is committed to his profession.

In the field of quality management in general, Konstantin Petkovski has a wealth of professional experience. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the quality programmes and tools.

I am convinced that he will prove to be a driving force for continuous improvement in his new company. If you have any question I'm happy to provide you with further information.

Ir. Marc H.S.M. Schaeffers

PO Box 504
5800 AM Venray
The Netherlands