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Petkovski Quality Management Advice, as independent partner, supports organizations in a competent and pragmatic manner with solutions for issues where quality and related disciplines such as compliance and business excellence are key.

Quality is free but you will not get it for nothing!

The underlying philosophy of Petkovski Quality Management Advice is shown in the model below that symbolizes value creation with quality.



The first force field 'product' stands for the attributes of a product or service that must satisfy the intended needs of the customer (conformity - the voice of the customer).


The second force field 'regulations' stands for the laws, rules and guidelines that an organization in its branch must comply with (compliance - the voice or the law / regulations).

Quality Craftsmanship

The third force field, that we call 'quality craftsmanship' stands for the ability of an organization to create value for itself and its stakeholders with quality (performance - the voice or your company).

The driving mechanism, that sets these force fields in motion and each other's connection is the UPDCA cycle that stands for Understand, Plan, Do, Check and Act. UPDCA is a modified PDCA cycle that starts with the 'Understand' phase. This is because understanding the business context in which an organization operates is the first indispensable step to define the right plan and then put it into operation. This crucial phase should provide insight into the three force fields which can be summarized as:

  • Understand your customers and their expectations;
  • Understand the regulators in the market in which you operate;
  • Understand your own business operations in relation to your customers and the applicable regulations.