Your organization undoubtedly puts a lot of time and energy into answering strategic issues. But do you know well what is the contribution of quality to your organization? Do you know how the quality is positioned in your organization and how effective it is? Do you know which quality culture characterizes your organization and how it fits your business model? Do you know how your quality strategy fits in with the control of business risks?

Petkovski Quality Management Advice supports organizations in answering strategic questions related to quality. Our expertise, combined with years of experience, guarantees the development and implementation of an appropriate quality strategy with a clear added value for your company.

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Effective organizations are able to successfully convert the strategy into tangible results. This change from strategy to daily practice means nothing else than translating the strategic choices made into a concrete actions. The most important instrument for the successful conversion of strategic choices into concrete actions is the quality system.

Petkovski Quality Management Advice has developed its own model that seamlessly translates strategic choices into concrete improvements that result in an increased added value of your quality system.

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Whether it concerns strategies, plans or improvement actions, the implementation of these activities always takes place via the processes. This is exactly the reason why the quality of processes deserves great attention in every organization. In order to achieve an optimal result, the processes need not only to be in line with the strategy, but also to function consistently.

Petkovski-Quality Management Advice has the necessary experience and process management expertise to get the optimum out of your processes.

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If the processes deserve great attention, it is the people who deserve the greatest attention in an organization. Engaged employees who are aware of their own contribution have the key to success in every organization. We trully believe that the right attitude, knowledge and skills of employees are the basis for success. But we do not believe in a universally applicable systematics, derived from the books, that helps to motivate people and let them work together effectively. That is why we do not offer 'scientific' methods, but concrete 'hands on' support where your employees work together with us to achieve concrete objectives.

Petkovski Quality Management Advice supports organizations to effectively connect your employees with the company strategy.

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