101 questions about Quality

Book coverThe book "101 questions about Quality" uniquely describes the 'quality story' by answering pressing questions from the quality doctrine. It starts by answering the question: what is quality really? First, the most important principles of quality are discussed. The author then takes you to the backgrounds of it by reviewing the most influential philosophies. Finally, an insight is given into a representative set of instruments that can be applied at the executive, support and management levels.

The accessible writing style of the author and illuminating examples ensure that abstract subjects are explained in a fun and easy way. This book is an elementary piece for anyone who wants to understand the basic principles of quality and for organizations that want to make the best use of quality as a discipline.

Konstantin Petkovski, Macedonian in origin, is an independent quality consultant with over twenty-five years of experience in quality and the related disciplines: Compliance and Business Excellence. During his career, Konstantin provided leading organizations such as Philips, MSD, Sanquin, DSM and FrieslandCampina with practical solutions for challenges where quality was a spearhead.

“There are many good books about quality, but I was very charmed by the approach that the writer of this book used. The question-answer approach gives the reader a good insight into the subject of 'quality' based on the experiences and insights of a seasoned quality professional. Highly recommended, certainly for beginning quality professionals, to acquire and/or increase insight and knowledge about quality. The provided techniques are very useful and help the reader to make positive contributions in his/her own field of work. I come to the final conclusion that if the principles and the approach from this book are put into practice, the added value of quality will increase.”